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Carfree = Carefree!

Designed, produced and serviced in scenic Julian, California

*Turns most quality bicycles into an electric assist bicycle that hauls cargo too. The Wattwagon pushes you along! Why spend thousands of dollars on a dedicated ill fitting E-bike when you probably already have a bike that fits you. Works with standard bikes, tandems, recumbents and trikes!

*No need to have a dedicated electric bike. An electric assist one day and a mountain bike or road bike the next day. Less than a minute to hook and unhook!

* Purchase extra wiring kits so you can easily move the Wattwagon from one bike to another!

*Unparalleled range. While most dedicated E-bike struggle to fit in 10 amp hours of battery capacity the Wattwagon can easily hold 35 to 40 amp hours of battery capacity! Run one 15 to 20 amp hour battery for a realistic range of 40 to 50 miles and add another battery for range up to 100 miles!

*No need to fuss with racks and panniers since the Wattwagon can carry your additional gear or groceries.

*Quality and reliability are our goals. Your Wattwagon should be humming along for years to come.

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Perfect for?                                          

1. Commuters: Don't want to get all sweaty going to work and back? Save wear and tear on your car. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in car expenses, plus it is fun to boot. After work take the long way home with the Wattwagon.

2. Shopping and errands: Need to pick up a few groceries, run errands, go to the gym, or meet friends? Then the Wattwagon can get you there.

3. Going to your local mountain bike trailhead: Get there with the Wattwagon, unhook it in less than a minute, lock it up and off you go!

4. When you want to go on a long ride and need a little help: Not fit enough for that longer ride you have been dreaming of doing or going with stronger riders? Then the Wattwagon can make it happen.

5. Touring: Go cross town or cross country with the Wattwagon.

6. Motor Homers or Campers: Have a bicycle and scooter all in one! The Wattwagon only weighs around 35 pounds*  so it is easy to move around. Less hassle and weight than a scooter. Perfect for store runs and cruising around town or camp. *varies with battery capacity

Starting at only $1299! Compare to equal performance E-bikes at $3000 on up!

Powerful 750 watt model with suspension. Batteries from 10 AMP hours to 20 AMP hours available. Buy extra batteries to increase range. We suggest a 15 AMP hour battery to start with. Range from 20 to 50 miles depending on battery size, speed, weather, hills and weight. Heavy loads with heavy motor use will reduce range and taking it easy using pedal assist will increase range. Double your batteries for double the range for long rides and touring. The Wattwagon easily holds extra batteries.

While dedicated E-bikes are great the Wattwagon gives you more flexibility and saves you money. We will give you a quote including shipping.

Call or e-mail us today to configure your own Wattwagon! 760-765-1598


Shipping to Canada and other approved countries available.

Our powerful direct drive hub motor in our casted 16 inch wheel. Smooth, quiet, and plenty of torque to handle the longest of climbs without overheating. Over sized external controller too. No spokes to break or adjust. With 48 volts you get plenty of top end speed. The Wattwagons suspension smooths out the ride, reduces shock and helps traction.

No internal gears or controller to break or replace.

The Wattwagon hooks and unhooks in less than a minute. Our supplied quick release fits most bikes. Road bikes, mountain bikes, and recumbents. The quick release plug between the Wattwagon and the bike unhooks in seconds, so you can use it like a regular bike. Only the killswitch, display and pedal assist sensor stay on the bike. Optional wiring kits and quick releases available so you can move the Wattwagon from one bike to another!
Our quick release electrical connector that goes between the Wattwagon and the bike. The open road beckons. On this day we did 74 miles with over 7800 feet of climbing on 35 amp hours of battery. Plenty of dirt roads too!
Can your e-bike do this? Some of the terrain encountered.
Over 7800 feet of climbing. 74 miles averaging 15 MPH. The fast bikers unassisted average around 11 MPH on the same route.